At Project Orlando, we believe in the value of mentorship. Whether you are looking for business advice, technical expertise, or just someone who's been in your shoes, the benefits of having a mentor are priceless.


Nurturing a growing tech hub here in Orlando is only going to happen if we all work towards this goal together - by sharing ideas, spreading knowledge, supporting professional development, and advising from experience.

We have curated a mentorship team to support different aspects of your professional journey. 

Types of Mentors

We understand that there is no "one size fits all" Mentor and that's a good thing! Our goal is provide a variety of expertise for you to connect with so you can ultimately benefit and get the most out of your conversation!

Growth Mentors

Individuals that have experience in different functions of high-growth startups, including: sales, marketing, customer success, operations, etc. These individuals will help you learn how to create a scalable business and sell the sh** out of it.

Technology Mentors

Individuals that have vast knowledge and experience on the technical side of the house for growing startups. These individuals will help you learn how to create a scalable tech stack, bad-ass product, and become the next industry leader.

Capital Mentors

Individuals who have experience working on the finance side of the startup funding. These individuals have raise large sums of capital or been on the investing side of it. They'll teach you how to market yourself for success to investors and show you what they are looking for in their next big fund.

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Meet Our Mentors

Joey Brodsky

Joey is a sales professional, specializing in startup and software consulting in the staffing industry.

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Joey Brodsky

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