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Who We Are

Project Orlando is a community organization with the purpose of engaging and scaling the Central Florida technology community.

Our goal is to facilitate an environment where startups and emerging companies have the ability to connect with the right resources; including mentors, peers, investors & capital, resulting in an increase in funded companies & successful exits out of Central Florida.



As humans, we crave connection. In a world consumed by social media and virtual conversations, we believe that developing

in-person relationships is the key to accelerating your network.

The best way for us to grow as individuals is to first grow as a collective. We create an environment to connect talent, resources, and relationships so we can scale together.


The problem we face in Orlando is the lack of connection between early capital and emerging companies & startups.


Our objective is to bridge the funding gap by providing a network of angel investors, venture capital, private equity and traditional debt financing to help Orlando-based companies discover that capital.


Our community is full of vibrant, intelligent professionals with a lot to offer but the fact is, our technology community struggles to market our story to the world.


The best way to grow our reputation as an emerging tech hub is by sharing our ideas & successes; not only with our neighbors, but with influencers in the industry. Let's make the voice of Orlando technology louder!



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We are always looking for volunteers, sponsors & community advocates to help us grow the Central Florida technology community.

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